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Z-S Gruner Vetliner Klassik

Certified organic, hand harvest, de-stemmed, natural settling, 3 week maceration, fermentation at 18 degrees Celsius, cold stabilized and bottled un-filtered. Minimal SO2.

Zushmann Schöfmann is a 17 hectare certified organic estate run by husband and wife team, Else Zuschmann and Peter Schöfmann. The estate is located in the undisturbed, quite natural environment in Martinsdorf. This sub-region is located in the eastern part of the Weinvertel (the ‘wine quarter’), located 20 minutes from Vienna. Else’s family background is agriculture and she is trained wine production. Peter trained as a chef and has always loved wine. In 2000, Else began working on her family farm, and in 2007, the couple made the decision to focus on their passion and produce wine. Their aim is to produce elegant, well-structured wines with harmony, balance and the ability to age. There is no ambition to grow, because according to Peter, then he would lose control over his ‘babies’, the vines. He knows each and every vine by name. The labels creatively depict the couples’ three phases of life. This range reflects The Prime of Life. Else and Peter are adamant about soil health being the key ingredient for the production of quality wine. Peter’s approach in the cellar is quite simple. Grow healthy, happy grapes!

Winemaker: Else Zuschmann and Peter Schöfmann
Country: Austria
Region: Niederösterreich, Weinviertel
Type: White
Variety: Gruner Vetliner
Farming: Organic, Sustainable
Age of Vines: Planted between 1970 and 2014
Production: 12,500 bottles
Soil: Loam and loess with a gravel base, and Muschelkalk (shell/lime)