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Flama Roja Brut Rosat

Sustainable farming. Hand-harvested. Very low yields at 1hl of must for every 150kg of grapes. A mild first press is clarified and taken to the fermentation vats. The wine is then blended and bottled for the second fermentation. Aged a minimum 14 months on lees. The bubbles are fine and persistent at 5.6 bar of atmospheric pressure 6–7 hours maceration on skins. 11g/l dosage.

Castell d’Or is a group of top-quality cooperative cellars from different wine areas in Catalonia. Flama Roja is produced by Vila-Rodona, in the sub-region of Tarragona. This cooperative is known for having the best growers in the region, as well as an incredible level of meticulousness in the cellar. Efficiencies due to scale achieved through cooperative production have rendered a Cava of boutique production level quality at an incredible price point.

Winemaker: Joan Rabada
Country: Spain
Region: Catalonia, Tarragona
Type: Sparkling, Rose
Variety: Parellada, Trepat
Farming: Sustainable
Age of Vines: Varied
Production: 3,000 bottles
Soil: Mainly calcareous