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Qu'est-ce que c'est Aligote

From a single plot located in the village of Molosmes. A good farmer, Francois’s practices in the vineyard are sustainable. They make their own compost and use a hand off approach. Hand harvest. Gentle pressing into stainless steel tanks. No additions, with the fermentation occurring naturally. Lees aging for 8 months prior to bottling. Bottled unfiltered with minimal fining without animal products The slight cloudiness to the wine is intentional, with such little intervention the true character of the Aligote is preserved.

The Domaine Moutard-Diligent extends over 25 ha of sustainably farmed vineyards in Chablis and Tonnerois. The Moutard family has been making Champagne for the past four centuries. Francois Moutard and his two sisters, Agnes and Veronique, are fervent defenders of the family heritage. Never resting on their laurels, the family has ventured into Burgundy, a logical avenue for expansion given its proximity to Champagne and grape varietal mix. Moutard-Diligent is the result of a union in 1960 between Lucien Moutard and Josette Diligent, Francois’ parents. History, tradition and a commitment to unsurpassable quality define the domaine.

Winemaker: Francois Moutard
Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Type: White
Variety: Aligote
Farming: Sustainable
Age of Vines: Planted in the 1980s
Production: 7,200 bottles
Soil: Kimmeridgian clay, limestone