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Hutchinson Family Pinot Gris/Pinot Blanc

Tom and Fiona Hutchinson were early champions in Marlborough of the Pinot family of grapevines. They chose exceedingly well when they planted their Rapaura vineyard, which is farmed organically and biodynamically. Hand picked, cool vineyard yeast fermentation, 10 months on original lees in French barrique. Unfined, unfiltered and bottled with minimal sulfur.

Wine to Mike and Claudia Weersing is a genie, genius loci: “our job is to coax it from its rock to bottle.” Every gesture they make, in vineyard and winery, is a summons to this spirit of place. Biodynamics, hand-based viticulture, low yields, natural winemaking—these are some of the means they’ve adopted to record and transmit this voice. Each wine is allowed to flower as it wishes. With the Grower’s Collection, are able to work with admired colleagues, and with sites, soils, and varieties different than those of their home vineyard. All of their wines are devoted to people and place; all bring rich rewards of community.

Winemaker: Mike and Claudia Weersing
Country: New Zealand
Region: Marlborough
Type: White
Variety: Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris
Farming: Organic, Biodynamic, Sustainable
Age of Vines: Planted 1998
Production: 3,000 bottles
Soil: Silt and sand over deep gravel