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Glass Frog Piquette

This Piquette is Communal Brands’ first collaboration wine Good Goods! Piquette is made by taking the grapes leftover after their first pressing. Once the press cycle is finished, the pomace is put in a fermenter. Water is added and the grapes soak in the water for 24-36 hours. The grapes are then drained and pressed off. This juice is then fermented in stainless steel at a cool temperature for a long, slow, fermentation. The wine is kept cold to keep the CO2 from fermentation in the wine. It is racked off the gross lees and bottled with a very low amount of SO2 added (10ppm). This is essentially wine made from ‘re-used’ grapes in a reusable bottle, making it the ultimate zero waste wine!

John Grochau was first introduced to wine and the winemaking landscape in his early 20’s, while racing bicycles for a French team in the Loire Valley. For several years, he raced through some of France’s most revered winemaking regions, including Champagne, Burgundy and across the Loire Valley. When he returned to his hometown of Portland, Oregon, he went to work in the restaurant business and quickly discovered an even greater appreciation for wine. After more than a decade selling wine in some of Portland’s finest restaurants, Grochau plunged into winemaking. He spent a year in Sonoma before returning to Oregon to work at Erath Winery and then Brick House. His first vintage as owner and winemaker at Grochau Cellars was 2002. John is a friend of Communal, having developed a relationship with Melissa on the road, selling wine through the same distributor partners. Melissa was captivated by the expressiveness and authentic expression of John’s wines, and as a result, a partnership was formed.

Winemaker: John Grochau
Country: USA
Region: Willamette Valley
Type: Sparkling, Rose
Variety: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
Farming: Sustainable
Age of Vines: Planted 2007-2016
Production: 4800 bottles
Soil: Volcanic and sedimentary