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Gatto Arancio

30 ha of north-eastern exposed vines at around 300m altitude. Hand harvested. De-stemmed and whole bunches undergo a natural fermentation in vat. Whole bunch portion left in contact with skin for 5 days, creating a sort of ‘infusion’ to extract flavor and aroma yet minimize tannin. MLF is blocked to retain a high level of freshness and bright acidity. No additions other than minimal SO2 at bottling. Unfiltered.

Fazi Battaglia is an icon of Italian wine since 1949. Owned and operated by the Angelini family, it is symbol of both the Marche region and the Verdicchio grape variety. The Angelini empire consists of top estates in Italy's esteemed regions. The aim of its wineries is respect for the environment and to promote the local 'identity' as authentically as possible. Production methods are rooted in transparency and precision. Andrea Lonardi is a legend in his own right, with deep experience producing wine around the world. He is the COO of Bretani Domains, and a force to reckoned with. The foundation for this collaboration is 30 hectares of thoughtfully, responsibly farmed vines in the heart of the region. Coupled with Andrea Lonardi's pedigree, these wines represent the pinnacle of Verdicchio, produced in a creative range of styles.

Winemaker: Andrea Lonardi
Country: Italy
Region: Marche
Type: Orange
Variety: Verdicchio
Farming: Organic, Sustainable
Production: 6000 Bottles
Soil: Calcareous lay