Rocca Maura

Armelle Dieval
Cotes Du Rhone and IGP Gard (villages of Roquemaure and Saint Genies de Comolas)
Organic, Sustainable

Les Vignerons des Roquemaure, or Rocca Maura, is a small, local cooperative of 50 growers, established in 1922. This coop is defined by its history, character, intimate size and commitment to organic and sustainable practices in the vineyard. A cooperative structure allows for access to top quality, micro-growers that would never have the ability to scale themselves to a sustainable level independently. Working cooperatively, they are able to focus on their strengths in the vineyard and collaborate with a winemaker that shares their production philosophy and sensibility. The end result is market access to top quality producers that would not otherwise have a route to market at reasonable prices.

Vagabonde Cotes du Rhone Rouge "Bagnum"
Roche Noire Cotes du Rhone
Je Deteste Merlot

Communal Brands

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