Oracle Cellars

Hoss Milone
Mendocino, California

Oracle Cellars is a collaboration between Communal and a family winery with a long history and deep roots in California. After immigrating from Italy and spending many years farming in Sonoma County, they were able to purchase a plot of land in Mendocino. It was there in 1943, that they planted their first vineyard. The estate has now grown to 400 acres of excellent sites in southern Mendocino County and is still run by the same family with the help of winemaker Hoss Milone, who also has deep roots in Mendocino. He is a fourth generation winemaker and it was later discovered his grandfather actually tilled the land for that original 1943 vineyard. That is a collaboration born out of fate. This, in addition to the family’s passion and skill for making incredible wines in Mendocino, made them the perfect partner for Oracle Cellars. The family’s Italian roots conjured up images of the land where Ovid wrote is magnum opus “Metamorphoses” in which the Oracle of Apollo gives the order to seek “your ancestral lands.” Fate...

Labyrinth Red Blend
Oracle Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon
Callisto Zinfandel

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