Fratelli Antonio e Raimondo

Paolo Sartirano

These wines are the convergence of three important and historic Piedmont wine growing families- Sartirano, Levis, and Arnulfo. The Sartirano family have farmed their seven ha of sustainably farmed vineyards in Novello for four generations, or since 1871. In 1988 Paolo Sartirano purchased the historic estate, Costa di Bussia-Tenuta Arnulfo, a 27 ha sustainably farmed estate in on the famous Bussia hill in Monforte d’Alba that dates back to 1760. Always expanding, Paolo purchased another winery from the Levis family, long-time friends and colleagues of the Sartirano’s in 2002. The wine is named after the brothers or fratelli, Antonio and Raimondo Levis as a tribute. Paolo staunchly believes that great wine can only be produced in the vineyard and his winemaking style is traditional. He holds the utmost respect for his family’s long and rich history of production in this classic region. Paolo is a forced to be reckoned with.

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