Domaine Jacky Marteau

Rodolphe Marteau
Touraine, Loire

The domaine consists of 29 hectares of sustainably farmed vines on some of the finest sites in Touraine- on the south back of the river Cher. In 2010, after spending four years learning alongside their parents at the family estate, brother and sister Ludivine and Rodolphe Marteau bought the property. They were both in their late 20’s. Although they came from a fourth-generation wine making family, the young duo sought education and experience before taking over completely. They have now hit their stride, with Rodolphe caring for the vineyard and the winery while Ludivine takes care of sales and marketing. They use the wisdom of their ancestors without rejecting modern technology and innovation. The delicate, mineral driven freshness of the wine also gave us an idea for the label, which is bright, light and inviting. Lulu seemed like the perfect name, and it seemed all the more perfect when we realized that Lulu was Ludivine’s nickname as well!

Lulu Cremant de Loire
Lulu Sauvignon Blanc
Lulu Gamay

Communal Brands

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