Champagne JB Hery

Jean Benoit (JB) Hery

Champagne JB Hery is a small, independent producer in Chalons en Champagne (Marne). JB owns half a hectare in the Village of Fleury la Rivière, and at the moment, purchases fruit from another 2.5 hectares in Côte des Bars, Côte des Blancs & Vitryat. After spending 15 years selling and educating about the region, he had a dream to produce his own Champagne that encompasses all the knowledge he amassed over his years engaging with the market. In the 19th century, Chalons used to be known as the "capital of Champagne" due to the extensive chalk caves that lurk below the surface, and possess optimal conditions to age and store Champagne completely naturally. This rich tradition fell out of fashion with the turn of the century, when it became more profitable to producer beets and potatoes.Today, JB Hery is one of only two houses in Chalons! The exceptionally expansive caves of JB Hery date back to Gallo-Roman times. Though they prove less 'convenient' than air conditioned warehouses where forklifts replace a manual process, JB fervently defends tradition and is staunchly committed to resurrecting the charm, character and practicality of these caves and the rich heritage in Chalons.


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