Ahhh, you’ve flipped me over! Excellent. The following words are more words about us. While we like to speak with our wines and our imagery, sometimes it’s nice to actually read sentences – they are becoming more archaic by the day, sad to say. We are modern people, like yourselves, living in a modern world, but we crave the preservation of the great things that came before us it is the confluence of old and new, done with style and efficiency, hence our battle cry: classic wine for modern people. We like to think that we are in the business of bringing people together to share something that’s been made for thousands of years, hence our logo: the communal table. As a company we embody the thoughts and ideas in Otto’s head. He’s our mascot and inspiration and the very image, symbolically of our leader and director, Melissa Saunders.
We walk the walk and talk the talk because we are not goofing around (but we’re still having fun).