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Communal Brands & Domaine Moutard-Diligent present a box wine with pedigree. Meet Herisson: Burgundy in a Box.

Centuries of experience producing wine in Burgundy, Francois Moutard's beautifully tended vineyards, access to great fruit and a hands off approach to winemaking that stems from the notion that the best wines are produced in the vineyard made Moutard-Diligent the ideal partner for Communal’s latest venture and first foray into Bib or “beeb” as it is endearingly referred to in French. Who said wine in a box has to be cheap and bad?

Moutard-Diligent Herisson

50% Pinot Noir from northern boundaries of Burgundy, Epineuil, northeast of Chablis Ÿ50% Gamay from the southern end, at the edge of Beaujolais

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Paul Croses
Vire-Clesse Vielles Vignes
Chardonnay from Vire-Clessé France

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Paul Croses Macon-Uchizy
Chardonnay from Macon-Uchizy France

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Les Cerises

Pinot Noir from Puy-de-Dome France

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Saint-Verny Les Poires
Chardonnay from Puy-de-Dome France

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First, we visit producers that intrigue us - smaller producers, organic practices, often families, always nice people.

We then hit the ground running - walk through the vineyard and assess the soil, vines, grapes and winemakers - looking for healthy happy vines and healthy happy winemakers.

Next, we taste with the team and analyze all market factors to determine where the wine fits perfectly into a crowded market

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